The chef who holds 7 Michelin stars…

Friday, 20 November 2015

The chef who holds 7 Michelin stars…

Chef Yoshihiro Murata is the only chef in the world to hold seven Michelin stars. He is the third generation of Japanese super chefs to run the century-old Kikunoi restaurant in the Japanese city of Kyoto. He is world-renowned for redefining and promoting Japanese cuisine and he regularly mentors the world's best chefs like René Redzepi and Heston Blumenthal on Japanese cuisine and 'umami' – 'the fifth taste'. We were lucky enough to speak to Chef Murata just before the launch of his new high-end London venture, Tokimeitē, in Mayfair.

10 tips for cooking with mangoes

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Mango, lime and passionfruit parfait

Acting food editor Tamsin went to the London launch of the Nevis Mango Festival, an annual month-long celebration on the Caribbean island of Nevis, where over 40 varieties of mango grow. Food writer Natasha Corrett of super food website, Honestly Healthy demonstrated a selection of delicious vegan recipes using mango. Here are some top prepping and cooking tips we picked up...

Where to eat when Christmas shopping on Oxford Street

Thursday, 12 November 2015

Where to eat when Christmas shopping on Oxford Street

If you are planning a visit to the hell that is Oxford Street for some Christmas shopping, then it pays to be prepared. Take a note of one of our suggestions (and book a table if you can), and you'll avoid the desperation of a tasteless Pret sandwich or the foodie horror of an Angus steakhouse supper.

How to make the perfect Diwali curry

Monday, 09 November 2015

Diwali biryani

At a recent event held by Sainsbury's we met MasterChef winner Dhruv Baker and the team from Noon, the company who have been making ready-prepared curries for Sainsbury's for 26 years. Here's what we learned about rustling up a tasty curry for Diwali...

10 minutes with the Michelin Restaurant Guide editor

Friday, 06 November 2015

10 minutes with the Michelin Restaurant Guide editor

Is there a better job in the world than editing the Michelin restaurant guide? We spoke to the current editor, Rebecca Burr, about what it's like to eat out every night, how you get to become an inspector, and eating fresh fruit when you can! Please note, the picture above is not of her - she has to conceal her identity for obvious reasons...